The driving school

The legend continues…

Founded by two-time Canadian NASCAR Champion Jean-Paul Cabana, his racing school programs are designed to build the thrill of racing in everyone – from beginners to more advanced racers.
His extensive experience with racing will make your opportunity to go racing a simple fun and exhilarating experience.

His NASCAR LMS and CASCAR cars have seen competition. They weigh out at 3400 lbs, the engines are 358ci. and they have approx 450 hp, capable of 220 kilometer per hour at SANAIR. Since Jean Paul has to maintain his cars for constant instruction, they have a bit less power than a NEXTEL CUP motor, but truly more than you’ll ever need. He focuses on driving technique, not speed. Anyone can pound a car down the straights but it takes technique to master the high-speed turns in order to save time and to go ahead of other competitors.

One, two and three-day courses are designed to teach you the fundamentals of handling a 3400 lb. 500 horsepower NASCAR LMS Stock Car. In a classroom session, you’ll start by learning the importance of driving the proper “line” on the racetrack and the effects a driver can have on the car. Then, you’ll walk or drive on the racetrack, and the effects a driver can have on the car. Then, you’ll walk or drive (in a passenger van) the track to more closely learn the racing “line”., the track reference points for throttle control, and the location of the apex in the turns. Next, you’ll become familiar with the racecar, how to strap in and the operation of the safety equipment, gauges and powertrain.

After discussing safety, communications, passing techniques and pit road conduct, you will suit-up and strap-in the car. As Jean Paul drives, he will demonstrate how it’s possible to safely go fast when driving the “line” properly. You’ll then drive with him coaching you through your first round of laps.

Then it’s time to put the training to work. Students drive at their own pace and between sessions will be coached on how to improve their driving techniques. You can expect two practice sessions for the first afternoon (Approx.90-130 total laps).